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Dr. Manu Chandaria
OBE,CBS,EBS, industrialist, and philanthropist

Fabulous, exciting, inspiring, and precise journey of an entrepreneur. A very useful and thought-provoking story of resilience, humility, and lasting legacy. An interesting, simple, and helpful read.

Carolyn Lee Adams
Award-winning author of Ruthless

Michael Shirima's memoir is not just the remarkable story of a man who built an airline from scratch, it is also a beautifully written book. As Shirima takes the reader from his childhood in Rombo to his adventures in aviation in the UK to the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro where he founded the Cornel Ngaleku Children Centre, it is impossible not to feel present within those precious memories. Readers will come to this book for the inspirational tale of an entrepreneur, and it will stay with them because of the heart and soul of the story and the man himself.

Laron E. Nelson
Associate dean of Global Affairs & Planetary Health and Independence Foundation associate professor, Yale University

Mr. Shirima's story is impressive and inspiring. It is an important social entrepreneurial tale that integrates capitalism-based market principles with principles of equitable human development that invests in building the agency and capacity of individuals whose lives began on the fringes of society—orphaned children.

ENG. Margaret T. Munyagi
Former director general of Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority

A very inspiring book exposing what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and businessman anywhere, which includes: one's passion for the business, determination, never giving up, and investing in loyal colleagues. Equally inspiring, the book also highlights the noble mission and the inner joy of making a difference in people's lives which is philanthropy. It is thus a must-read by both young and old, students and teachers, parents and businesspeople alike.

Pieter and Olga De Haas
Petired pediatrician and wife social worker

The book tells the story of a remarkable man who was born and raised up in a small village in Tanzania. Not only did his talent and intelligence for business bring him where he is now as an actively concerned world citizen, but also his social empathy for many people in his surroundings. Recommended easy-read for any class of people.

Pierre Freixes
Retired director of sales, ATR, aircraft manufacturer

In his memoir, Michael Shirima clearly reveals his special qualities as an exceptional man, imbued with listening skills. perseverance, and kindness. I recommend reading this book not only to people wishing to realize the magical dream of creating an airline that retains a dimension where family values remain important but also to anybody wishing to pick up something valuable in living.

Zakia Meghji
Former minister of finance of Tanzania

Michael Shirima writes with passion as he takes us through his journey in the aviation industry in Tanzania and his not so-easy journey traveled in his amazing life.

Donaldson F. Conserve
PhD, Associate professor of Prevention and Community Health, The George Washington University

Mr. Shirima is a man of many talents, and much can be learned by studying his entrepreneurial and philanthropic journey. Luckily for readers, his abilities also extend to storytelling, resulting in an engaging book that is as entertaining as it is worthwhile—from describing his early days in Rombo during the early post-colonial era in Tanzania to founding and leading the first private airline company in the country, climbing Kilimanjaro twice, as well as his short interaction with Barack Obama Sr., when he was working for East African Airways. The book will be enjoyed by students, professors, and individuals interested in Africana studies, entrepreneurship, aviation, philanthropy, leadership, and much more!

Guy-Lucien Whembolua
PhD, Associate professor in Africana Studies, University of Cincinnati

On My Father's Wings is a must-read for anyone interested in pursuing excellence and business success on the African continent! This real story provides life-lessons to entrepreneurs and students interested in learning about leadership.