About Michael Shirima

Michael Shirima is an exceptional figure whose perseverance and stalwart principles of faith, family, and friends contributed to his astounding and inspirational career navigating the inherent challenges and obstacles of the air transport industry in Africa.

In this candid and riveting memoir, we discover the thrilling journey of an aircraft performance engineer turned serial entrepreneur who, after resigning from an executive position in a national airline, began his private career trading coffee and other commodities culminating in his founding of Precision Air - Tanzania’s largest privately-owned and premier airline in 1993. But more than just a catalog of his mistakes and successes, this is also the story of a son guided by the wisdom of his father, the story of a devoted husband, and the story of a loving father to his own children as well as to those at the orphanage he founded at the base of Kilimanjaro.

Richly observed and suffused with humility and ingenuity, On My Father’s Wings equips us with important life lessons on the value of taking risks; being kind to everyone no matter what age, race, status, or gender they are; and never losing sight of what’s most important in life from one of the most influential figures in the aviation industry, to remind us why we fly. Michael Ngaleku Shirima is a Tanzanian businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the founder and current chairman of Precision Air. He is also the founder and proprietor of Cornel Ngaleku Children Centre, located in northern Tanzania.